Campsite Les Acacias
Campsite 4 star / Vensac / Gironde / Nouvelle Aquitaine

The Gironde, an exceptional touristic heritage

Sun, beach and nature in the Médoc

Just like a peninsula, La Pointe du Verdon is set between earth and sky. The proximity between the vineyards and the Atlantic Ocean gives this site a matchless charm.

You are only 15 minutes away from the beach of Vensac and the Ocean. The nearby fine sandy beaches of Montalivet, Soulac, Verdon and the Pointe de Grave are irresistible that daydreaming and reverie come into their own.

Sea lovers will rediscover the scent of the Atlantic coast, the atmosphere of the fishing villages, the cries of the seagulls, the endless blue.


In Gironde holidays go together with gastronomy

The Médoc cuisine is so varied and rich, that if we were to make a list, we would need more than one site; therefore, let’s just focus on the basics: The quality of the produce, which is utterly, together with keeping the receipe simple bring out the flavours.

A couple of mouth-watering delicacies just to whet your appetite during your stay at Les Acacias du Médoc: Oysters from the Arcachon Lake, freshly delicious, sea lamprey Bordeaux style, a savoury and amazing dish, a slice foie gras of Gironde on a piece of toasted farmhouse bread, king shrimps of Médoc just grilled on vine shoots fire, etc.

On the sweet side, the famous bouchons bordelais (delicious filled chocolate almond petit four flavoured with Fine Bordeaux), sarments du Médoc (fine vine-shaped shoots chocolate enhanced by citrus fruit notes), noisettines du Médoc (typical Bordeaux chocolate coated hazelnuts)…While enjoying these fine sweet treats, think of acqua gym lessons at the campsite to make up for this indulging!

Vidéo de la piscine du camping en Gironde

Architecture, vinyards and heritage

Likewise, Bordeaux, a city listed in the UNESCO World Heritage, the Gironde abounds in historic buildings (2nd in France after the Paris region). Take your time to visit old stones houses and Middle-Ages castles, we recommend among others, the Château de Roquetaillade at Mazères. Explore the charming small villages featuring churches of sobre but soul-stirring Roman architecture.

Here, vines have shaped the nature. You will discover one the most famous wine growing areas in the world, you will go through the history of the know-how of the wine makers. The region boasts no les than 5wine routes; let your senses and palate be your guide and taste these exceptional wines.