Campsite Les Acacias
Campsite 4 star / Vensac / Gironde / Nouvelle Aquitaine

A campsite with a waterpark in Gironde

A campsite with a heated pool in Soulac

The water of the pool is solar-heated. Therefore, our concern and commitment for the environment are, thus, real. The less carbon dioxide emissions, the better.

Good for the environment and campers! What a great feeling relaxing lazily or swimming in warm water, under the Gironde sun.

Those sensitive to the cold will find it quite enjoyable swimming in a heated pool, especially in off-season, on Easter week end, Ascencion day, Pentecost or Labour Day (May 1st), and enjoy the first rays of spring sun in Gironde.


A heated waterpark for the young and less young in Vensac

The swimming pool area is completely ready, the new paddling pool is fun for both kids and parents. Your children are safe in the pool specially intended for them; watching them swim, splash about, and laugh with their friends. No better way for a good night sleep, and after all, isn’t what holidays is all about for kids?

Fun for guests of all ages, they all get together, the little ones in the small pool and the parents in the large one; it’s always possible at the campsite Les Acacias du Médoc (swimming pool and a paddling pool).

Vidéo de la piscine du camping en Gironde

Enjoy the water fully at the waterpark of campsite Les Acacias du Médoc

If it is active holidays and getting back in shape that you are looking for, Caroline, our sport instructor will be waiting for you from the beginning of July, to keep you fit and help you maintain your waistline with gym sessions by the side of the pool during summer!

After such a workout, you deserve some rest in the Jacuzzi, indulge yourself in some unexperienced moments of blissfulness and smooth relaxation in the bubble bath.

If you prefer the beach, there are beach chairs on which you can laze about and soak up the sun while keeping an eye on your kids. If you rather feel like moving and working out, join the aqua gym sessions to get back your shave you lost during winter!

In July and August, the bar and the pool are open. We offer a good range of drinks and snacks: soda drinks, coffee, beer, ice cream, pancakes or waffles.

The swimming pool area is the meeting point where friends and families gather for fun and laughs in the water.